Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Day of Grr and Yay!

Instead of watching the Royal Wedding yesterday I decided to venture out to Ikea for some fab new bits and bobs to furnish my new sewing space.  This did not go entirely to plan...

As Ikea is about an hour away I decided to give the car a little TLC before I started the journey.  So off to Asda to full her up with petrol, then a wash and some air and water.  All sounds rather normal really doesn't it, apart from the bonnet not closing the first time round I thought it was all rather normal.  So there I am pelting it down the motorway when I realise that the bonnet still isn't shut properly... Grrr! So I sighed and pulled off at the services to check it out.  There I am at the services slamming the bonnet and it still wouldn't shut! What the hell! So I pulled out my phone and google'd the nearest Kwik Fit (gotta love technology) and off I went, slightly worried about the bonnet flinging up and causing havoc.  I get to Kwik Fit and the blokey couldn't shut it properly either (insert massive sigh of relief that it wasn't just me being a Spazz).  After a bit of tinkering and still not being able to do it we worked out that the (insert major sarcasm) rather lovely person who cracked my bumper
which I only noticed a month ago did alot more damage than just cracking the bumper...
don't know if you can see but there is a bar inside the grill that is very bent :(  This then must have done something to the catch.  So I drove round to a body care place the Kwik Fit blokey's pointed me to and expected a massive dent to the bank balance to sort it and no Ikea trip :(  But the bloke was lovely and all it took was a clever screwdriver thingy and a bit of jiggerypokery and it was fixed, for free too!  Thank you Mr Body Care Man!!!!! (Yay!)
Off to Ikea!!!  Stuffs were purchased and happyness prevailed (Yay!), until I got back to the car! Dagnabit I should have remembered that the back seats don't go down... Grrr! How was my big table top going to fit in now?  I ended up fitting it in but I had to pull my seat forward a smidge and drive a little cramped up.  No pain no gain eh?

But anyway, my new sewing space is all set up Yay!  All tidy and lovely and snazzy!
I wonder how long it will stay tidy for?

Another Yay! I've ordered my fabric for the meeting and decided what to make, no changing my mind now!

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