Sunday, 6 May 2012

Liberty book bargain

Wandering around the shops the other day and I find myself in The Works, and what do I find in there?  The Liberty Book of Home Sewing for £6.99. Superbargain!

I think my first project from the book will be something easy after all the cray adapting of patterns I have been doing of late.  The Eco Shopper seems like a good easy project and who doesn't need a gizillion bags?

My other amazing find was this Jersey, makes me think of the old Batman TV series don't you think?  Thud! Thwack!  Kapow! Shame it only says Wham! but awesome all the same.  I think this is destined for Renfrew once I get the adjustments right.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Renfrew adjusted

This adaptation lark is trickier than I first thought, I've scoured the tinterweb for adaptation techniques for an increasing growth at the front maternity wear and so far there really isn't much out there but I stumbled upon this post and decided to give it a go with the Renfrew pattern.

After tracing the pattern I read the instructions and decided to add 5 inches to the front pattern piece and 1 inch to the back

The next step is to figure out the point under your bust and also where your "waist".  Draw a 2 inch line from the waist marking and then a steep curve from the bust to the new waist point. Re-draw the side line.

Pattern adapted, i cut out some thin jersey as a test run - It's not bad, the gathers and extra width at the sides help

But I don't like how it hangs like a dead weight at the bottom of my belly.  I think I need to adapt further to curve back into the original hem line, which might make it a bit tighter around the hips and more to my liking.
Back to the drawing board on this one me thinks.