Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mmm Pretty

That Debi, she's such a bad influence. I'd been eying up some shoes from the lovely Ness, when she only goes and announces that they have a sale on...

They arrived yesterday and they are so utterly yummy!


They are so comfy and look damn snazzy too!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Peer Review - In progress

Last weeks challenge over at Sew Weekly was to make an outfit inspired by one of the weekly contributors.  For this challenge I decided it was a good time to use the raspberry fabric I brought a few weeks ago
Mainly because it reminds me of one of Debi's dresses, The Raspberry Sorbet dress (oh and if you haven't already seen it you need to head on over to Debi's blog for her Mrs Peacock Pencil skirt, Lush!).  I started off really well with this challenge as I traced and cut the pattern I was going to use two Sunday's ago, and then dagnabit life got in the way* and this is how I came to it last night
 Still folded and waiting to be sewn...  So I took a few hours and cut out a lining and started to put it together.  It's not finished yet as I was getting rather tired last night so instead of soldiering on a ruining the dress I left it at this point.
Hopefully I can steal another couple of hours later in the week and finish it off. 

Now then it is probably time I shared something with you that I have been keeping a little quiet about - I'm getting married in 5 weeks time, eeekk! Jesh when did it get so close! It's not seemed quite real until recently especially now it is dawning on me exactly how close it is. There are a few things left to organise for it but I'm not going to break my calm nature about all of it, I refuse to be one of these stressed out brides!! Whatever will be will be what's the point in worrying about it?

Monday, 8 August 2011

The post of meh...

I realised earlier that I have only been showing you my successes in the sewing world recently and zero of the mishaps/items i don't actually like.  Well that is about to change, be prepared for some things I have not been feeling like raving about...

Goldenhawk fabric top I mentioned I was starting back in this post. This top was meant to be a shortened version of view B since I thought that it was far far too long for me. 
Ignore the bright red bra, Maybell's boobies are just far to small
Hmmm I thought it doesn't look too bad on Maybell, save the weird gathers half-way up the neckline (that you can't even see in the picture!)  Then before I hemmed and bias taped the armholes I went and tried it on.  Holy crap it looked like a tent! I'm guessing the extra length was there for a reason so that the top held some shape.  I'm saving you the horror of me in this but the next pic is what it looked like at the sides when I tried it on, enormous! (ok maybe exaggerating ever so slightly) This top has now started my UFO pile and I have absolutely no intentions of finishing it.

Next up is a recent make (about 2 weeks ago)  I scored some jersey whilst visiting London in a gorgeous shade of purple and decided it would be great as a dress, a Simplicity 2369 dress in view A with B's length. 
 It is almost finished but after I tried it on and found it made me look like frumpy the frump-mistress I gave up on it. There is bugger all shape to it. The sleeves look sad and drab not gorgeous and puffy like the pattern picture. So this is another one that is banished to the UFO pile, but I hope to resurrect this one at some point since I love the colour and the fabric feels lovely. Just not now
Grumpy because of the frumpyness
Last on the not feeling like raving about pile is my Sorbetto.  After I posted about it midway through here I did finish the top. But I'm just not feeling it... I'm not really that enthralled by the colour combo although I do really like the blue. I don't think this light viscose fabric works for the top, the pleat is wonky and wobbles all the way down.
 I did however learn that I need 2 bust darts otherwise the armhole gapes (as shown by the lovely green stitches because I thought it was cool was too lazy to change the thread.)  I did french seam the whole top so the inside looks fab, just a shame it is now relegated to the wearable around the house muslin pile.

 Ah well you win some you lose some.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wedding bags

As you may have guessed by now I've been a little busy round these parts making some bags for my soon to be sister-in-law's wedding (still soon to be as she is B's sister). The wedding was on Friday, it was a great success, and I wanted to share with you a couple of the bags I managed to get shots of on the day (I was too busy enjoying myself to get more, but I'm assured there are some in the official pics, yay!)
Silver Clutch bag for the adult bridesmaids

Brides bag with butterfly to match the young bridesmaids dresses
Now I'm off to get cracking with this fabric, the colour of it reminds me of Debi's 1943 dress, which I didn't realise until after I brought it on sale at the fabric shop about a month ago for about £1.50 a metre

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Knock Knock!

Happy belated birthday to the fabulous Miss Oona! I've come a knocking on your virtual door for a partay! What do you mean you expected me yesterday? Did you not see me at your shindiz?  Hmm I must have knocked on the wrong door and ended up at a wedding! I'm sure all of the virtual people were there too or was that just because of all of the wine... oops.  We had a rocking time wearing my London Dress and I even got the DJ to play Foo Fighters (That is a major win for a wedding).  For some reason though I am utterly bad at getting pictures of myself when I'm out so I have none, there are some pictures of me somewhere in my dress yesterday and I'll post them when I get wind of them.  But for now I will just have to show you the bag I made for the occasion

(Sorry Oona I went matchy matchy on the bag with my dress, please don't eject me from the partay! I brought wine and a mini cthulhu)