Saturday, 6 August 2011

Knock Knock!

Happy belated birthday to the fabulous Miss Oona! I've come a knocking on your virtual door for a partay! What do you mean you expected me yesterday? Did you not see me at your shindiz?  Hmm I must have knocked on the wrong door and ended up at a wedding! I'm sure all of the virtual people were there too or was that just because of all of the wine... oops.  We had a rocking time wearing my London Dress and I even got the DJ to play Foo Fighters (That is a major win for a wedding).  For some reason though I am utterly bad at getting pictures of myself when I'm out so I have none, there are some pictures of me somewhere in my dress yesterday and I'll post them when I get wind of them.  But for now I will just have to show you the bag I made for the occasion

(Sorry Oona I went matchy matchy on the bag with my dress, please don't eject me from the partay! I brought wine and a mini cthulhu)

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