Thursday, 10 September 2015


Spider-Pants Spider-Pants does whatever Spider-Pants can.

Ive made Spider-Man lined work trousers (or pants because the song sounded better in my head).  I had the idea in my head since I made Master M's sun-hat using Spider-Man fabric and it's come to fruition thanks to Karen's Made Up incentive, which is for a fantastic cause to support the National Literacy Trust.  We make it top of the importance list to ensure our kids have a story everyday at bedtime however a lot of children never have this. Reading is such a vital life skill that it should be encouraged whenever possible especially amongst young children. 

The pattern is butterick B5682 made twice before so no adjustments made to the pattern. However since I failed to buy the right amount of fabric I had to do some adjustments to the waistband so it is a 3-piece band instead of a 1-piece

Sewing went well, fly went in fine thanks to my new washable glue pen. Pockets look good and hold the awesome surprise Spider-Man fabric. The inside leg seams have a turned over and stitched finish

All in all not a bad make, I even completed a rather pretty waistband (An amazing feat for me!)

But! They are unfinished because they are too small... How can this be its the same pattern as the trousers I'm currently wearing which fit fine. I just don't get it. So these trousers are just waiting for hems and belt loops, best get my ass moving to the gym more and I might be able to wear them. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pattern crush

How amazing is this pattern by McCalls (m7121)

I think the stripe nothing is amazing throughout! Hope the instructions tell you how to achieve this

Off to obsess over it and plot a new dress :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I'm currently having a small meltdown over something which is probably quite trivial

You see this bobbin belonged to my grandma who passed away some years ago know. It might seem a little crazy to be having a meltdown over this now but as she lived with my uncle we didn't really get any keepsakes at the time she passed away. However unfortunately my uncle has also passed away so we have had a lot of memories to go through and as the main sewer of the family I acquired most of grandma's things relating to sewing. 

My meltdown is because I want to make use of the things I've aquired but all of the bobbins were already threaded and I feel like they are something she touched and possibly cared about so I'm having a hard time de-threading them. 

I just hope I don't have the same meltdown when it comes to using the button stash or deciding what to do with the vintage pfaff

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Found at the boot sale

Today I ended up being incredibly freaked out and impressed at the same time.  We went to the car boot sale with the intention of getting some bits for the kids. What do I find whilst searching a rail
This Hello Kitty dress, look pretty ordinary, well not to me. You see I made this dress for my daughter and sold it at the same car boot sale last year and it made me proud to see it again, especially on this stall (lots of posh high quality things). Made me wonder if it had been somewhere else and loved before it ended up here. 

What's my style part 3

Day 8 - work, a new me made top. McCalls 5388 which I either read the finished measurements wrong or me wrong but it now includes design feature panels and scooped arm holes. I'm not happy at how the neck line bends but relatively happy with the rest. It's a nice top but don't think it's my prefect summer top, the quest continues
Also wearing me made trousers, another McCalls I believe and a rtw cardigan

Day 9 - a day visiting friends and then board game night with my sister, brother in law and nephews. (Picture fail!) basically the same outfit as last Saturday but with flip flops instead of boots

Day 10 - car boot sale, shopping and general loitering with the kids around the house. Rtw black skinny jeans and black and white stripe top with lace raglan sleeves (again picture fail)

Day 11 - work - me made New Look 6150/Renfrew mash up and Colete Ginger skirt

Day 12 - work (crazy day filming a video for our team, it was horrible and I was nervous beyond belief but the snippets we got to see weren't as bad as I expected so hopefully it will be ok) - rtw green faux wrap top and me made trousers

Day 13 - work - rtw white spotty tie neck top and grey trousers

Day 13 - working from home - started with rtw boyfriend jeans and a smiley face vest and ended with a me made multicoloured stripe maxi skirt and rtw black vest

Day 14 - work - me made raspberry dress simplicity 2455 (picture fail!)

Saturday, 13 June 2015

What's my style part 2

Day 2 - day with the family taking part in the carnival local to nursery, rtw My Little Pony jumper, black jeans and boots (teamed with me made mummy bear ears). Melody is in a mummy made goldilocks outfit

Day 3 - me made wide stripe skirt and rtw black vest top for a day at home

Day 4 - picture fail so we have an after the fact kids messed up pic of rtw endless fabric zebra skirt and black vest for a date day with my husband for his birthday (fully taking advantage of the kids being at nursery)

Day 5 - lazy day with the kids and the inlaws, picture taken by my nearly 3 year old daughter - rtw black skinny jeans, lilac vest and white burnout top

Day 6 - family trip to guilivers world, rtw purple birds shirt with black vest and skinny jeans (and completely in matching pink leopard print jacket). Unfortunately no full picture but there is a ride action shot :)

Day 7 - back to work, gah! Rtw black peacock shirt and pink jersey pencil skirt

Friday, 12 June 2015

What's my style?

Long break - Kids/life/sewing/failure to take pictures etc etc...

To tell the truth I've been a little stumped for anything to say for the past gawd knows how long. After having the kids I'm getting back into trying to feel like me again and hoping discover what my style is.  How do you figure this out?  I have no great interest in a particular era or trend, the only thing I can say I really love is a quirky fabric.  

Now I've developed a bit of a stash of fabrics I really love but I'm struggling to figure out what to make with them, is this because I don't know what my style is?

Maybe I should try something along the lines of Me Made May (So Zo's brainchild) but just take a picture of my outfit of the day and see if I can figure this out. The picture a day could be a challenge all by itself as I just hate pictures but I need to start somewhere. So here goes

Day1 - rtw dress for a day off work and morning without the kids