Thursday, 10 September 2015


Spider-Pants Spider-Pants does whatever Spider-Pants can.

Ive made Spider-Man lined work trousers (or pants because the song sounded better in my head).  I had the idea in my head since I made Master M's sun-hat using Spider-Man fabric and it's come to fruition thanks to Karen's Made Up incentive, which is for a fantastic cause to support the National Literacy Trust.  We make it top of the importance list to ensure our kids have a story everyday at bedtime however a lot of children never have this. Reading is such a vital life skill that it should be encouraged whenever possible especially amongst young children. 

The pattern is butterick B5682 made twice before so no adjustments made to the pattern. However since I failed to buy the right amount of fabric I had to do some adjustments to the waistband so it is a 3-piece band instead of a 1-piece

Sewing went well, fly went in fine thanks to my new washable glue pen. Pockets look good and hold the awesome surprise Spider-Man fabric. The inside leg seams have a turned over and stitched finish

All in all not a bad make, I even completed a rather pretty waistband (An amazing feat for me!)

But! They are unfinished because they are too small... How can this be its the same pattern as the trousers I'm currently wearing which fit fine. I just don't get it. So these trousers are just waiting for hems and belt loops, best get my ass moving to the gym more and I might be able to wear them. 

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