Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I'm currently having a small meltdown over something which is probably quite trivial

You see this bobbin belonged to my grandma who passed away some years ago know. It might seem a little crazy to be having a meltdown over this now but as she lived with my uncle we didn't really get any keepsakes at the time she passed away. However unfortunately my uncle has also passed away so we have had a lot of memories to go through and as the main sewer of the family I acquired most of grandma's things relating to sewing. 

My meltdown is because I want to make use of the things I've aquired but all of the bobbins were already threaded and I feel like they are something she touched and possibly cared about so I'm having a hard time de-threading them. 

I just hope I don't have the same meltdown when it comes to using the button stash or deciding what to do with the vintage pfaff

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  1. What lovely memories you have from your grandma.. Such treasures.. I so understand , the bobbins. I would have a hard time , using or removing that thread..I have the bobbin pins that my grandma had in her hair.. [she had long hair, and pinned it in a bun every day].I was given the pins in her hair.. I can touch them, and reminds me of her long beautiful hair..