Monday, 8 August 2011

The post of meh...

I realised earlier that I have only been showing you my successes in the sewing world recently and zero of the mishaps/items i don't actually like.  Well that is about to change, be prepared for some things I have not been feeling like raving about...

Goldenhawk fabric top I mentioned I was starting back in this post. This top was meant to be a shortened version of view B since I thought that it was far far too long for me. 
Ignore the bright red bra, Maybell's boobies are just far to small
Hmmm I thought it doesn't look too bad on Maybell, save the weird gathers half-way up the neckline (that you can't even see in the picture!)  Then before I hemmed and bias taped the armholes I went and tried it on.  Holy crap it looked like a tent! I'm guessing the extra length was there for a reason so that the top held some shape.  I'm saving you the horror of me in this but the next pic is what it looked like at the sides when I tried it on, enormous! (ok maybe exaggerating ever so slightly) This top has now started my UFO pile and I have absolutely no intentions of finishing it.

Next up is a recent make (about 2 weeks ago)  I scored some jersey whilst visiting London in a gorgeous shade of purple and decided it would be great as a dress, a Simplicity 2369 dress in view A with B's length. 
 It is almost finished but after I tried it on and found it made me look like frumpy the frump-mistress I gave up on it. There is bugger all shape to it. The sleeves look sad and drab not gorgeous and puffy like the pattern picture. So this is another one that is banished to the UFO pile, but I hope to resurrect this one at some point since I love the colour and the fabric feels lovely. Just not now
Grumpy because of the frumpyness
Last on the not feeling like raving about pile is my Sorbetto.  After I posted about it midway through here I did finish the top. But I'm just not feeling it... I'm not really that enthralled by the colour combo although I do really like the blue. I don't think this light viscose fabric works for the top, the pleat is wonky and wobbles all the way down.
 I did however learn that I need 2 bust darts otherwise the armhole gapes (as shown by the lovely green stitches because I thought it was cool was too lazy to change the thread.)  I did french seam the whole top so the inside looks fab, just a shame it is now relegated to the wearable around the house muslin pile.

 Ah well you win some you lose some.


  1. I'm still working on a Sorbetto, I realised that the bust dart wasn't right and have moved it and shortened it and made it wider and it seems to have worked, but due to sewing machine issues haven't finished it just yet, so will let you know. Have you had a look at Miss P's Top Draftalong? Might help you with fit issues.

    As for the jersey dress, how about making the arms fitted to save you from feeling frumpy if you don't think they're puffy enough?

    No idea with the other top though sorry! Good luck! It's not good when things go wrong, but hey, we sew and learn!

  2. Thanks Mimi, I hadn't seen Miss P's Draftalong, but I took a look and there is some good stuff in there especially the shoulder adjustments, I find I have short shoulders. Get your machine fixed! hehe, if you lived closer I'd lend you mine for a bit (or at least make my sister lend you the old one)
    I'm thinking of fitting the waist a bit more on the jersey dress, but hadn't thought much about the sleeves, maybe more fitted is the way to go.
    Haha we definitely sew and learn, that's a phrase I think I'll adopt :)