Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Is joining a Sew-Along!

The Ginger Sew-Along to be exact, since I've never made a skirt and I don't know where to even begin with adjustments, and a muslin? What is that?!? Eeekk! My pattern is on order and since its at the picking fabric stage I'm not behind just yet.  It's going to be nice to see what I learn along the way, so far I've learnt that a darker zip/thread is better - I'll take that with me thank you very much :)

In other news:
I've also ordered the Colette Macaron.
I've named my Dress From - She's called Maybell
I've had some me time with Maybell and she's now adjusted to be more like me (including the addition of a bra, Maybell's boobies just aint what they should be)
I've decided on my next project and it includes some Goldenhawk Road fabric!  The pattern is traced, next step fabric cutting!

Now I should really introduce you properly to my Meet Dress:
Sorry for the bathroom pic, its the only place with good light and a big mirror :(

The Facts:
Fabric: 2m Cotton Print £6.60 p/m (ordered 3.5...(Stupid Pattern)) 1m Blue Habutai (Colour Code #35) £2.50p/m both from Quick Fabrics (fab site and free samples, bonus!) Lining - Stash
Pattern: New Look 6699 View E+K+M
Notions: White invisible zip £1.59
First Worn: 14th May 2011!
Wear again?: Yes, most likely at my soon to be sister-in-laws wedding.
Total Cost: £17.29

Close-up shots:

I've made the pattern before so I knew what alterations I needed to make with the dress.  The first being those dang straps!  The first one I made were too big so they fell down at every opportunity, and every non opportunity I swear the last time I wore the first dress I folded them under my bra straps to keep them in place!  The second one was I had issues matching things up in the back so I added an extra bit to the back pattern pieces just incase.  Aside from that it all went together pretty well, the instructions are ok with a few "You want me to do what?" moments but for the most of it I just went with what I felt was right.  I also added extra lining to the dress as it doesn't call for lining in the skirt but as this is a mostly white dress I felt it best to add some (at least enough for butt coverage!)

I'm so happy with the way it turned out and making it the second time around definately helps, hmmm maybe thats what a muslin is all about.... but I'm not sure I want to buy fabric just for that purpose!


  1. YAY! Super excited to see your ginger skirt :)

  2. I agree with Debi - I'm excited to see your finished Ginger skirt! Let me know how you like working with the pattern - I'm thinking of picking it up myself...

  3. Thanks, I'm excited too :) I've got to pick fabric yet though, lets see what I spot at the shop on Monday, will keep you posted