Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More is better

I've finished my dress for the meet up on Saturday, yay! (well it would have been yay if I hadn't just realised I wanted to put pockets in it and didn't actually do it, back to the sewing machine...)  Here is a sneaky snippet of the dress and the bit I am most proud of, the invisible zip!

I've wondered why I bothered with the back of the pattern envelope for the amount of material I needed to make this.  For some reason it counts each part of the dress as a separate thing - bust, midriff and skirt - so it applies the amount of fabric needed for each bit when you can easily fit the bust pieces around the skirt pieces... So I've ended up with twice as much fabric as I needed, thing is though I have made this before and done the exact same thing... Ah well too much is better than not enough because this would be a whole different post if I hadn't got enough!


  1. ohhhh! super exciting!!!

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous - have a ton of fun, and I cannot wait to see pictures of your whole wonderful outfit!