Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ugly List

I was rather pleased to receive an e-mail from my favourite online sewing shop Jaycotts earlier as they announced a 50% off sale on vogue patterns.  So I think "Oooh this might be a good chance to get some vogue patterns in my stash" (full well knowing I don't actually have the cash for it since I'll spend too much at the Sew Weekly meeting next Saturday (EXCITED!!))

So I go and have a browse, and I am totally distracted by an ugly pattern that I can't pick anything to buy (probably for the best anyway)

So the one that made the ugly list is V1181, and not just the ugly pattern cover list I have no idea how anybody can make this look cute!

For anybody who actually falls in love with this, please send me a pic of it made up and prove me wrong, but I just can't see its appeal...


  1. Wow. That's something isn't it? There's something similar in this month's Burda magazine that's supposed to be an evening gown for plus size women and it's dire. Admittedly it's not as long as this one but it's close.

    Keep saving those pennies and don't forget lots of bags...maybe a trolly would be good, can granny trollies be chic and trendy? ;)

  2. Its awful isn't it? What I'm actually very curious about is the fact that the pattern is classed as average instead of easy, What?!?

    Granny Trolleys are very chic and trendy everybody knows that :) Anyway I'm sure if you had one and it was full of lush fabric you wouldn't care what people thought about it because you'd just be thinking about what to make

  3. What. Is. That. The only thing that could be used for is hiding people. If you were playing Hide and Seek and small children wanted to use you, this dress would be perfect. Or, checking into a hotel or an amusement park - this dress can save you money!

    I'm going to make one and see how many people I can hide in it. And then I will write about it in "What I did on my summer vacation." :)