Monday, 25 July 2011

Arrggh not The Birds

Ohh no it's attack of the killer birds! Haha

I got around to deciding what to make with my fabulous fabric, a skirt! To me the weight of the fabric was too thick for a top so a skirt it had to be.  Although whilst I was making it I wasn't sure if I would wear it once it was finished.  But I have one thing to say to that... AM I MAD?!? This skirt is freaking awesome, I'm so in love with it! Strangely enough I'm not the only person who loves this pattern Miss Zoe has a bit of crush on the pattern (Simplicity 2451) It is easy to put together, it has pockets and it uses less than a metre of fabric. What is not to like?

Speaking of the less than a metre of fabric, does anybody else wonder what pattern companies are thinking when they give you the cutting guidelines? According to the back of the envelope I needed exactly one metre to make a size 12, Well that is exactly what I had and by not following the guidelines I have this much left over
It does bring up something I have been pondering for a while now and that is - Do you religiously follow the pattern envelope when it comes to buying your fabric or do you try to wing it and see where it gets you?
I followed the envelope for my London dress and ended up with twice the amount of fabric that I needed!

Anyway enough jabbering, more skirt pics

I've still got to sew the facing down on the inside, but did that stop me from wearing the skirt to work today? Hell No!  I hope this is the start of a beautiful love affair with prints :)

The Lowdown:
Pattern: Simplicity 2451 View C 
Material: 1m Birds Cotton Voile £5
Notions: 1 light blue zip £0.79
Total Cost: £5.79 (with left-overs!)


  1. LOVE that first photo! So much fun! The skirt is fabulous! I always buy much more than I need then I have extra fabric to play with in the future (though this may backfire as I might not have just enough fabric for the project I need!!).

  2. Ha! Love the top photo. I usually use the envelope as a guideline and buy a little extra, because I have seen the madness that comes with running out of fabric. I adore your skirt and the style! What are you going to do with the extra?

  3. Such a gorgeous skirt! I did feel rather envious when you pulled it out of your bag to show at the end of the shopping day!

    In answer to the whole do I follow the pattern instruction vis a vis the fabric, well, no. I too like you found that they are over generous and also because I'm short I don't need the length either. Winging it has caused a few headaches now and then but nothing too insurmountable yet! ;)

  4. It's great - wish I'd spotted that fabric in London.

  5. Thanks guys :)
    Debi: I like the idea of having more than you need, it makes for extra skirts :)
    Meg: hmmm madness, not encountered that yet but at the moment I see it as "creative moments". I might use the extra for some bags.
    Mimi: hehe, I was envious of that beautiful purple one you had!