Monday, 18 July 2011

Challenge canonical?

This weeks theme at The Sew Weekly is about Hitchcock films, which all of the other ladies seem to be really ecstatic about. However as the only Hitchcock film I have seen is The Birds I'm finding this challenge a bit, well, challenging... I have been scouring the old brain for ideas, and the only thing that has come out of it was

Brain - Ermm... Kirsty don't you have that fabric you got from London
Kirsty - Which one are you on about Brain?
Brain - This one you idiot!

Kirsty - Oh yes the one with the birds on it, and less of the idiot you!

So after that brief insight to my inner-monologue I have some birds fabric which I would love to use however I cannot decide what to make.  It is a thick cotton lawn, there is 1 meter of it and the gold is shiny, but my brain is stumped! (I blame it on work!) Any ideas?

P.S. Don't leave the iron on the floor and then walk into it, it hurts!


  1. That fabric is fab! Wish I'd seen it (though I tell a lie, as I've since found some wide legged trousers in Peacocks in the same design but a different colourway - had to get them). Could you get another Sorbetto out of it and wear some sunglasses or something to look mysterious?!

  2. Great fabric... since you are using the film birds, why dont you do this jacket-

  3. Oooh those trousers sound interesting I'll have to go see if I can find them. Good suggestions by the way but I'm thinking the fabric is too stiff for a top and might go with a skirt instead. it might work for a jacket but I'm not sure if there is enough material or if I would actually wear it afterwards.

  4. Love the fabric!! I cannot wait to see what you make with it!