Sunday, 6 May 2012

Liberty book bargain

Wandering around the shops the other day and I find myself in The Works, and what do I find in there?  The Liberty Book of Home Sewing for £6.99. Superbargain!

I think my first project from the book will be something easy after all the cray adapting of patterns I have been doing of late.  The Eco Shopper seems like a good easy project and who doesn't need a gizillion bags?

My other amazing find was this Jersey, makes me think of the old Batman TV series don't you think?  Thud! Thwack!  Kapow! Shame it only says Wham! but awesome all the same.  I think this is destined for Renfrew once I get the adjustments right.


  1. Funny. I saw this book in my local bargain book shop as well for £7.99 and snapped it up. yay for bargains.

  2. heheh Me too, payed 6.99 at The Works.. we are lucky girls xx

  3. I'm off to the Works! Love that fabric! Can't wait to see you wearing it!