Thursday, 28 April 2011

Decisions Decisions

So there is a fantastic meet up going on in a few weeks and I need to make a dress/outfit for said meeting in a red/white/blue colour theme, but I just can't pick fabric or pattern for it.  I've maybe narrowed it down to a few choices but I'm still none the wiser as to what I'm actually going to do.  I have some fabric samples and just when I think I've made my decision it all goes and changes, AGAIN! grrr...  These are the fabric samples I have (the blue is far too thin and shiny to be used as a main part of an outfit)
And as for the pattern, well the question is "to stash or not to stash"  the stash pattern I have in mind is New Look 6699 in view E+K+M, with the floral material for the midriff and a different blue for the rest (I had a different idea for this one while I was writing this but changed my mind yet again!)

Or I could go with a retro theme of B4790, with the red material and blue details

Does anybody want to make the decision for me??

On the plus side though I managed to get a pic of me in the TV Character challenge top, still looking good after a day of wear at work too.


  1. I vote E+K+M in the white background colour swatch with the flowers and use the blue for the sash bit in the middle. I think it would look fantastic! Hope you have better luck than me as nearly finished my outfit and it's far far far too small and no more hiss! Good Luck!

  2. I'm with Magpie Mimi, only with the red instead of the blue for a sash bit. Either combination would look awesome, I reckon! :-) That floral fabric is gorgeous, by the way.

    Beware of that Butterick pattern though! It can be really hard to fit (although a lot of fun once you get the fit right). If you decide to go with that one, I'd highly recommend making up a muslin first so you can see what adjustments you need to make to it. (Dratted thing took me 5 hours to make, argh!)

  3. Were you guys reading my mind? That was the original fabric idea I was toying with and I was torn between a blue or a red for the middle... Right enough indecision I'm doing E+K+M in floral with a blue sash bit (since the blue is a rather close match to my shoes)

    Thank you! You may have saved my last minute Friday the 13th panic attack :)