Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sew Weekly Kidding Around Challenge

Last weeks Sew Weekly challenge was all about inspiration from a childhood outfit.  I have been trying to do some stashbusting this week and instantly thought back to a red spotty dress I had when I was a kid
And this fabric from my stash 
So inspiration and fabric chosen, next what to make...  After splashing out on some patterns I picked a shirt pattern as the fabric would just not have worked as a dress.  So off I set and after one night of cutting, and a night and part Saturday of sewing my shirt was complete!  Although it didn't go without problems, I nearly ran around in a blind panic because I thought the sewing machine was broken, Arggh!! Turns out shouting at it, flicking some buttons and turning it off and on again was all it needed, at least I'll know for next time!

It did actually start off with a full black yoke but I decided against that idea after sewing the shoulders together, thank god it wasn't after or I would have screamed at the amount of unpicking there would have been to do.
I really like how its turned out, even if it does remind me of a Ten Pin Bowling Shirt... 
One of the lovely sew weekly ladies spotted some subliminal inspiration in it too, she thought the black detail on the front was inspired by the collar.  Amazing!

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  1. I like the top! It made me think a bit of a cowboy top, in a good way, but it's because I've been reading a blog called Sweetheart of the Rodeo and she's been wearing similar vintage things.