Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tv Character Challenge

So last weeks Sew Weekly Challenge was all about inspiration from the television.  Awesome, and oddly enough the other half and I have been watching all of the series of How I Met Your Mother recently and in one of the episodes he said "I like that top you should make it" and I said "Me too, I think I will".
Well I think that was a few months ago...  I brought the material for it and it just sat in the pile waiting, and waiting.  So this week I finally got around to making it, Yay!!!  First thing first I needed a pattern for it, so I searched my stash of patterns and this one fit the bill in view D (and 80p from the market, win!)
I've already made one in a different material so the pattern had already been traced, double win!  All that I needed to do was to figure out the lace part.  Well I think I ignored most of the instructions and made it all up as I went along, so I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out.
Sorry no me, stupid phone camera!
I did finish it a little later than I wanted to, life got in the way!, but it was finished yesterday and as it was a bank holiday I'm still classing it as the weekend.

Now this weeks challenge is about making a dress to match a pretty hat, and this is where I fall a little short.  I don't really do hats so I'm finding it a little tricky to be inspired this week.  So in the spirit of spring I've decided to do a spring tidy up and finally move my sewing space from here

Mega tiny space and messy (I'd just finished above top). To the newly (nearly) empty spare bedroom

I can't wait to see how it looks after I've been to the wonderful land of Ikea on Friday!

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  1. FABULOUS blouse! I love it! Your new sewing space looks like it will be good!!