Thursday, 27 October 2011

Feeling Brave

I'm not entirely sure what has come over me, maybe it has something to with the fact that the trousers that I purchased from a shop a few weeks ago were to big, picture pulling out the waistband and having space, but at the same time too small, picture same damn waistband feeling like its cutting you in half.  I have no idea how the heck these trousers manage to do both things but they do.  But you may already have an idea of what I'm about to say here but just incase you're not getting my drift.

I'm making trousers! Eeekk...

The crappy fitting trousers were the starting point but when I found this pattern on sale, it seemed inevitable

It's Butterick 5682 and I've started to make view E for some work trousers, that won't cut me in half while I'm at my desk all day.  I'm not doing to bad with them so far, I've even made a muslin (Shock!!), but when I was tracing the pattern there was one thing that really make me laugh.

This is the waistband piece and the writing on it says "This finished edge is 1 1/2" below the base of the neck" Errr... Butterick really?? Trousers?? 1 1/2" below the base of the neck?? I think not!

Anyway back to the trousers, the muslin fitted ok and just needed a small tweak to the waist since it was too small and would defeat the point of me making the trousers in the first place...

Moving onto the trousers, I've made the front of the legs

i.e put the pockets on, which may I add are awesome!  Remember my bird skirt? Welcome bird pockets!! (there is also going to be bird facing too!)

Hopefully the rest of the trousers will go together as well and I'll be winning.


  1. You are brave! Loving the bird pockets! hehe! Such a good personal touch!

  2. LOVE the pockets - I think you should make the muslin into a wearable muslin and rock the pink trousers around town. Your pinstripe trousers are going to be fantastic!