Sunday, 23 October 2011

Just what you need for dinner

We had some friends over for Dinner last night, something that we've not done before so needless to say we were a little unprepared for it. A random table (that came with the house 8 years ago), 4 chairs that didn't match, new wine glasses (because we didn't have 4), washing plates in between the courses because we don't have enough, etc, etc...  I guess we wouldn't get very far on Come Dine With Me would we? Haha.  Anyway a few hours before our friends were due to arrive I decided to make place mats, because who has dinner at a table without place mats?  With the seed in my head I sifted through the stash for some fabric and came across the Amy Butler fabric that has been sitting there for almost a year, cut 8 squares for coasters, 8 rectangles for place mats and wadding for the middle just so they weren't just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together. I suppose I could have used interfacing but I like the squishy and not too stiff effect of the wadding.

I'm rather pleased with them and they had the desired effect of making the table look like a real dinner table too.  Not bad for a random idea and an hour.

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