Friday, 14 October 2011

Gym or Sew?

All day I have sat at work thinking "I will go to the gym tonight!" Then home-time comes and I just really cannot be bothered with it so I am resolving to get back onto the sewing wagon!  Tonight is going to be UFO night and I will finish off the dress that has sat around for a few weeks... (2 Months more like!)

It looks like it just needs a hem but I'm pretty sure that there will be some fitting issues which I'm not best pleased about since I've already put the zip in.

I'm also resolving to get some better lights in the Sewing Room, just the one overhead light bulb just doesn't cut it.


  1. This dress looks tha is pulling from the waist down. I cannot see the back. Maybe add more fabric on the side? Oh well... sometime our minds need a better work out than our bodies and I can see you got a tought mind work out to solve there.. look foward t see what you will do. xx

  2. Haha, I thought the same thing about the pulling, not sure what was causing it or what I've done but it's fixed. I know what you mean about the mind needing a work out more than the body, but I think I needed both! After the mental workout on Friday I went the gym on Saturday and feel much better for it too. Sometimes you need a bit of both :)