Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ze Pantaloons Numero Uno

The trousers! They are finished!

While I am majorly impressed with them I am actually a little disappointed too.  You see despite the fact that I made a muslin to check the fit of said trousers (see Ghastly Pink trousers in previous post, yes the ones Meg actually wants me to finish and wear (Maybe pink trousers in the future but not those)) these trousers are to blinking big! Gah!

I'm surprised they are not trying to fall down in these pictures because I really need a belt to keep them up.  You know what the worst thing about them being too big is?  The fact that I made an extra special effort to finish the seams... /sigh!

Look at how pretty they are! Blind stitched hem and Turned Under Seam Finish.

Other than the crazy size issues they actually went together really well and the instructions were easy enough to follow, even the fly zip went in easily.  I think I chose well for my first venture into the trouser world, I imagine that a closer fitting pair would not have been so easy.  For now though I will consider it a job well done, always wear them with a belt and hope for better luck next time.


  1. They look great and I think you should give pink a try ! :o))

  2. Thanks Rachel, I'm thinking a nice pair of dusky pink linen ones for summer.

  3. Could you take a little "v" out of the back and bring it together to make the waistband a little tighter? I usually have to do this with pants I make. And YES to pink pants! I think you would rock them, just like you are rocking these here :) Well done on the seam finishings!