Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trouser Progress

Getting there slowly but surely...

Since I brought the denim for my trousers I have been slowly making progress.  Stitching one maybe two lines a day, mainly whilst my husband has been at home to keep the munchkin entertained.  This going slow lark is actually quite refreshing as I have been determined that these trousers will be very well made.

However with two things left to do, waistband facing and hems, I am stuck regarding the waistband facing.  Now I usually suck at these and I want this facing to look fabulous (especially since it is cupcakes!!).  I seem to have issues getting it attached at the bottom and usually have major issues ironing that damn seam allowance on at the bottom.  In a brainwave the other night I decided to baste stitch the seam allowance and the iron that up before attaching.  This seems to have worked so far, but now I have the dreaded task of attaching it to the waistband.  Usually I totally screw this up despite any careful pinning I have done (see yellow blobs in picture).  I'm torn between hand sewing the facing (I hate hand sewing and as a result I'm awful at it) and just going all gung ho on the machine.  Decisions descisions....
P.s. excuse the awful phone photo, my camera has decided to eat all of he batteries in the house!

Knitting update:
Cardigan progress is going well, I think I have mastered increases but only time will tell. I'm not entirely sure but I think I'm currently doing something to allow the arms to be made, it seems to be developing shoulders. Although if I am at the stage I think I am I'm not really sure how they break away to be armholes, hmmm....

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