Wednesday, 17 October 2012


After making my plans official last week I took myself to the shop for supplies as I have begun to get the creating itch again. I managed to get 2m of denim for my jean trousers and also some yarn for my venture into knitting shapes.

I had to wait before starting my new knitting project as the shop didn't have the right size needles in stock so had to order them online, which turned out to be better actually as I was able to buy bamboo needles instead of metal. Metal is just far to cold for my hands to do a lot of knitting with and they arrived last week. I have knitted my test square and I think it's the right size so have started the cardigan. So far so good as the first 7 inches have no change in size think I'm up to about inch 3.  A bonus though I've found out I can knit with Melody asleep on my lap, which mean I might get this finished before Christmas, whoop!


  1. great way to have the baby and still be busy.. cannot wait

    1. I know isn't it awesome. Hopefully I can still do it when I get to a complicated bit

  2. Hi Kirsty, Just letting you know that I've passed on the Premio Award to you. You can get the badge off the side of my blog. All you need to do is say thanks and hand it over to the last 9 commenters on your blog. Congratulations!