Sunday, 5 June 2011

Saturday Shopping

Due to my Monday-Friday job I tend to allocate Saturdays to shopping where I can - Fabric, food, upcoming birthdays etc (hmm fabric came before food...).  So yesterday I popped on my new Ginger skirt and headed into town with my list of things to do
  • B's Birthday presents
  • Pillowcase (this weeks Sew Weekly Challenge)
  • Food
I managed to do B's Birthday presents and the food. But the pillowcase however is a whole different story.  Have you ever tried to find pillowcases that have a pattern that don't come as part of a duvet set?  It looks like this challenge will be harder than I first thought since all of the shops I looked in just had plain old boring pillowcases :( So I gave up and went to the fabric shop instead, since my Ginger skirt felt fabulous on I decided to make another one in the reverse of the original and for that I would need some lining fabric.  Although the fabric isn't see through I have this fear that it is too thin and you'd be able to see my butt in it.

This is what I walked away with
Sorry about the blinding white one, I couldn't get the purple colour to show otherwise, and it is a gorgeous purple!
Feeling a little better about things, its amazing how just buying fabric can have this effect on me, I decided to head home.  On my way back to the car I passed a charity shop, now I had a fear of charity shops when I was younger but seeing other peoples amazing finds on bedlinen I plucked up the courage and ventured into the shop.  I didn't find any pillowcases but what I did find has made me a lover of ye olde charity shop

Look at it! How amazing! Ok its not the most amazing fabric in the world but like I care! There is about 4 meters of fabric here and how much were these crazy people asking for said 4 meters of fabric?


Yes you read that right 99p! for 4 meters!  Now I know its a boring fabric but do you think anybody would mind if I used this for the pillowcase challenge? I'll only use a pillowcase amount, promise!!

Word of the day: Pangram - A sentence, verse etc. that includes all letters of the alphabet

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  1. what a great find ! About the pillowcases.. you can by beautiful & colouful ones at H&M and Tkmaxx .