Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ginger is done

Well I finished on Thursday but that's not the point now is it?

I 'm rather pleased with it but I'm still deciding if I should add pockets to it or not.

The lowdown
Pattern - Ginger by Colette Patterns
Fabric - Some crazy Royal Blue polyester stuff from the stash (£2.50 p/m??), The pretty floral cotton from the London Dress (probably about £1 for the amount used)
Notions - Piping cord (stash), Invisible Zip (£1.35)
Total cost - £1.35 actually spent to be able to make it but it probably actually cost me around £8
Time to make - including pattern adjustment and mock up skirt around 6 hours

I was a little dubious about how easy this skirt would be to put together at first since everybody has been raving about it, seriously they can't all be right!  Well consider me proved wrong, it is easy.  Aside from the pattern adjustment I had to make, which was made a gazillion times easier with Sunni's directions, it went together rather well.  Although it took me 6 hours to make from start to finish, it won't actually take me half that time when I make it again since the fit was fine with the mock up I don't need to do any other adjustments to the pattern, yay!

Oh and Note to Self: if you want to use the crazy polyester stuff again remember that it doesn't like to iron during construction of garments!


  1. Its great on you inc. the colour. I personally add pockets ! xx

  2. Lovely!!! Love the colour as well! Looks fantastic!

  3. Thanks :) I liked it so much I've made it in reverse. Just need to hem it