Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It Arrived!

What little beauty was in my letter box when I got home from a busy day at work?  Oh yes you've guessed it a lovely jiffy bag addressed to me containing none other than my Colette patterns.

Well I ran through the door screaming


B then calmly said "is that your patterns?" to which I just replied with a manic grin and a "see ya later, I'm off upstairs"
So that was 6 o'clock and its now 10 o'clock, with a break for some food (Gotta love B :) ) what have I achieved?

Well I traced the pattern, and sized it appropriately. Cut out all of my blue fabric. Basted everything together. Checked the fit. Possibly sorted out a weird indent in the front. Took it all apart again. Stitched the waistband and skirt again. Then decided enough is enough. Dang no wonder I'm sleepy now writing it all out makes it look like a days work!
Here it is so far on Maybell

Tomorrow I finish so I can attend the Ginger Partay! (otherwise I'll just be fashionably late).

On another note, how weird is it when you find something you'd forgotten that you had but when you find it you wonder how you'd forgotten it was there?  Well I was searching round the house for something to do yesterday and came across this box of buttons and things.
How in the hell did I forget I had them?!?

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  1. Dont give up hun! It doesnt diserve to be an UFO. Im sure will turn out great !