Sunday, 26 February 2012


I have become so fed up of wearing the same outfits day in-day out.  It is BORING!  So in a desperate attempt to try and get myself sorted out (and back to the sewing machine) I have been racking my brain for patterns and styles I can adapt to accommodate the current expansion.  I'd not been having much luck but then an epiphany came to me whilst I was sleeping.

I might be able to use this pattern
 Which is the same pattern I used to make my Birds Skirt

I've decided that I can somehow magically make the waist panel out of jersey fabric and the rest of the skirt as normal (omitting the zip of course).  I think that the fact that the skirt already has a curved seam to go under the belly means it may work quite well, or it may just turn into a disaster, who knows at this point. Well I know I have to try something because I'm just wearing trousers trousers trousers...

Now I just need to get cracking and to also figure out what I'm going to be wearing for a wedding in less than four weeks time. One thing I have decided to wear for the wedding are these shoes, which B got for me for Christmas, aren't they lush!


  1. These shoes are lush ... You must be so excited now

  2. THOSE SHOES!!!!!! They are stunning.

  3. Thank you, I think I've sussed what I'm making to go with them, as long as I can figure out how to make the adjustments