Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hello Maxi!

While I've not found much time to blog I have found some time to create. Today is the last day I will be able to blog in over 2 weeks, so I'd better show you something before I disappear to Las Vegas and get married to the love of my life Mr B.

So here's a little something I stitched together for the holiday

I decided sometime ago that I wanted a maxi dress and I searched some shops to try and get one on sale. What is it with Maxi's they either show masses of boobage or are mega low in the back making wearing a bra impossible.  So I decided that would not do, and searched for a pattern to make a Maxi that covered my criteria (No masses of boobage and the ability to wear a bra). Fail... /sigh so what did I do?  I attempted to use an existing dress to create a pattern for the top part of the dress.  Again with the fail thing! Was this Maxi dress destined to never be. Nope, I had a brainwave to use the bodice from the New Look 6699 dress and another brainwave to make the back one piece and Shir it.  I also changed the straps to make them longer so they could be tied in the back because I was too lazy to measure them properly for a pretty detail
 For the skirt I just cut two long rectangles, but since I forgot about the fact that I would need to walk in the dress I had to chop it off around the knee area and add in a wider panel, I think it works.
I am really pleased with how it has turned out and it meets both of my criteria too. Win!
 Righty-o best be off and continue to pack for Viva Las Vegas and Sunny LA.


  1. Oooooh! Exciting! Hope it all goes well! Dress looks fantastic.

    Good Luck! Have a fantastic holiday too!

  2. This dress is perfect summer dress.. Congratulations on your wedding.. wish you all the best! photos later for us, please.. xx

  3. Love the dress!! Have a fabulous time on the West Coast!! Yay getting married!!